On a roll here, it’s the topic shiny by Cee for her CFFC. Here’s my finds from my photo album. Dash O the Irish, very appropriate for this weekend being St Patrick’s Day, given where I live. These bottles are shiny. The water at twilight. The lights on this fishing boat are definitely shining bright.


Search below the SURFACE you never know what you might find. My life is all about the sea, I live by the sea and where I travel is almost always by the sea. Take a look below the surface … you just never know what you might find.

RagTag Daily Prompt

It’s a good one IMMERSE. I have a thing about ships that are being immersed, look back a few posts on my site and you will see – click here. Here’s another boat that is about to be immersed.

MWM #11 boats

This is my first time doing Mid Week Monochrome challenge. The topic is boats, so here it is. Every photograph has a story … These boats are in Donegal, Ireland. We stayed their last summer, the little village was tiny and very typically Irish. In contrast these two boat photographs are taken where I live, …

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Dutch Goes The Photo, and the topic is tranquil. I have to say the most obvious thing that comes to mind with the word tranquil is the surroundings where I live. Here are some tranquil beach and water photographs, all within minutes of my home. Although, I would like to add that it is tranquil …

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