Blue Yonder

This is my 1st instalment to the #julysquares #blue challenge, actually my second if you count yesterday’s blue post. I decided to start the day off with some blue skies to cheer everyone up, in reality they are absent today as the weather is questionable. The first photo is where some of the old episodes …

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Chutes and Ladders

This is my version of CB&W, Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge. The topic is chutes and ladders, it left me scratching my head. I searched my photos and couldn’t find ladders, or so I thought initially. Then I was wondering about chutes, suddenly I realised the terminology is different in different countries. This is …

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In Or On Water

This photo challenge is for black and white images of In Or On Water. These images pretty much depict the area where I live, boats and sea. Any Game Of Thrones fans might recognise the first photograph.

Sunday Trees no 385

Becca Givens Sunday Trees topic. I took this photo last week when I visited Castle Espie, Co Down, Northern Ireland. I may have already shared the photo but the focus was the Lego Swan. Anyway, I present to you the weeping willow tree.

Spiky Fish #spikysquares

Well, I dint think I would have great imagination this month, but once you get looking it’s amazing what you can find. This spiky fish is one to fit the squares in March theme. He’s pretty darn spiky in looks, I wonder if he has a personality to match. This photo was taken in Fuerteventura …

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On a roll here, it’s the topic shiny by Cee for her CFFC. Here’s my finds from my photo album. Dash O the Irish, very appropriate for this weekend being St Patrick’s Day, given where I live. These bottles are shiny. The water at twilight. The lights on this fishing boat are definitely shining bright.

Fences in Black & White

This topic is a good one, fences and gates by Cee. It really stretches the imagination, I have had to delve into my photo stick because we are experiencing wild rains and storms and it’s not ideal to be strolling about with a camera. I found a few interesting photos, they happen to be accidental …

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Search below the SURFACE you never know what you might find. My life is all about the sea, I live by the sea and where I travel is almost always by the sea. Take a look below the surface … you just never know what you might find.