Do you think fake flowers don’t count for FOTD? I’m going to post them anyway, these sunflowers have brightened up my day anyway. I love the,, I saw them in a store and I’m tempted to go back and get them for my large vase. Cee’s FOTD. What do you think?

Monochrome Monday

I got a few bouquets of flowers the past week or two, I took some photos. This one is perfect for MONOCHROME MONDAY. Though it is Tuesday but due to my time zone I was already asleep when the Monday post was posted. Here’s my entry …


Search below the SURFACE you never know what you might find. My life is all about the sea, I live by the sea and where I travel is almost always by the sea. Take a look below the surface … you just never know what you might find.


I’m back after a short hiatus … miss me? My apologies, I shall explain later. I’m jumping straight in with last week’s which is pairs, meaning two or double. Here’s my entry … I took my daughter for her eye test today, I saw lots of pairs of glasses. A pair of birds, spotted on …

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Amaryllis FOTD

I’m going to do something different for today’s FOTD photograph. It’s not even a flower yet, but I think it might pass. I received the amaryllis bulb as a Christmas gift from a friend, it was planted two days ago and it’s growing already – you can see the little stem poking up. This is …

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