As Dutch Goes The Photo travels through Ireland with some trail shots I thought I’d pipe in with my own ‘Irish’ shots. Actually my photos are from Northern Ireland, they are all trails which I have enjoyed enough to take photographs while walking along enjoying nature. I am also adding that this post could be …

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Sunday Trees on Monday

Becca’s Sunday Trees post is a very interesting red wooden cabin in Tennessee, go check it out. Here’s my Sunday Trees, as you will see on my post that will be going up shortly is that I visited a little national trust village, well away from nowhere. I though these trees were rather ‘busy’ looking.

CFFC & Which Way

This is a double photo challenge response. The CFFC, paths and walkways. The Which Way photo challenge is here. Through the trees, along the beach, around the flowers, through the narrow streets, by the mountains, down the steps, up the hill, along the lane, down the alley way, and through the trees again. I’m not …

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Sunday Trees

No 380, Becca has posted yet another wonderful Sunday tree photo. Here’s my entry, it’s a big old tree, which got a bit rotten and is being cut down. What is fascinating is the complicated system of branches it has.

Larger Than Life Tree

This is a huge attempt at Becca Givens Sunday Trees Challenge. There’s a park about 8 miles from us which is filled with fascinating trees and things made from logs. This tree is particularly large.


Travel with Intent has posted MONOCHROME as a fun topic to do. I really wanted to join in with something striking so after much thought and dilemma I came up with this photo. It’s on the lane from the beach where I live, on this particular day I had taken my children and my neighbour’s …

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