Between The Lines

I thought that Between The Lines was an interesting challenge. I have hundreds of photographs that would fit in with the topic. I have selected just a few, here they are. I love this piece of artwork that we made on the beach; we had to stay inside the lines while creating it. The farmer …

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Time To Lean #timesquare

My entry for #timesquare might seen a strange one today. I went to Belfast today to see what’s in the sales. This clock, it’s a load mark for the city, and it leans as you can see. There’s a series of pistons and things underneath it to try keep it stable but every year it …

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Collection Time #timesquare

Once again, in Ballymena, Northern Ireland. I posted a letter and noted the mail collection times. This photo is posted for #timesquare challenge by Becky B.

Active Time #timesquare

Walking and running is good for you, I do try to go for a short run some days and other days I’m very active, of course these are balanced out with inactive days too where I am lazy. Sometimes I might even go to the gym, though not as often as I should. This is …

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Time For Good Advice #timesquare

As Becky summed up what #timesquare e tries she has seen so far I realise It’s time to for good advice. Here’s my entry for the 8th December #timesquare.