Cute Or What?

Do you really think when someone said “never work with kids or animals” that they had truly experienced working with kids or animals? Cee’s black & white challenge, is about cuteness. Of course I am biased towards my children and animals. Enjoy this list of cute things. My dog as a puppy My dog now. …

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I’m getting in late to this one, Wits-end Photo Challenge. I found some interesting photos with the topic of gatherings. These people were gathering to watch ice hockey. The audience for a TV show. These people are gathering and watching the street performers (guy with no shirt). People enjoying the sunshine at the local paddling …

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Fake Warning

This is Thursday, that means it’s time for Thursday Doors. From the ‘miscellaneous musings of a middle aged mind’ comes this weekly challenge. As I’m in a funky mood these days I thought long and hard about this challenge, I decided I had to post something a little different. This first dork is not actually …

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Not even sure what these FOTD things are, I am clueless sometimes lol. they were a gift, however there were no names on the label so I just set them out to look pretty. Two of them are thriving and two are not doing so good.