Photo a day posts for City Sonnet’s challenge for photo a day. Fairly simple, this is the picnic area I have created at my house. It’s not had much use yet, the weather generally has been vile.

Now, You Are Being Cheeky

This is Becca Givens 400th Sunday Trees post, not mine though, I’m not that good. I hope you enjoy this. Did you notice the tall thinly shaped trees?

What Is A?

What is a tortoise’s favourite hobby? Terrapin bowling! Just for fun today, three tortoises for #julysquares #blue.

Which Way Shall I Go?

Which Way challenge by Sonofabeach. A pretty lane leading the way from the beach. A road in the city, blocked off due to a huge fire; can’t go that way. Can’t go this way, dead end. Maybe I should just fly away. These ducks aren’t going anywhere fast! Staying local, the way through the town …

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Sunday Trees

I seem to have done more than my fair share of posting this weekend, it’s only because I have had time on my hands. I do enjoy looking at other people’s web pages and I visit as many as I can, I’m glad that you visit mine too. Today’s edition of Sunday Trees, which is …

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I was delighted to find this flower sculpture today for FOTD.

V is for…

The Photo A Day challenge is the letter V on City Sonnet’s page. My first thought were vehicles, I have a million vehicle shots. Just for fun, when you don’t have an appropriate vase to use, you can use a measuring jug.


The photo a day challenge by Sixty Sonnet is unusual. I was out exploring and I found an old visitors centre in a countryside location. They had an interesting choice of ornaments to adorn their centre, very unusual. Look closely, you will be mooved. I’m adding this one on to Kammie’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge …

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