I had the best fun trawling through my albums for BIRDS, for wits end photography challenge. I figured I’d have some fun, I got some bird pictures. Not all are good quality, and not all are what they seem. I did get some eagles in flight. The swans and cygnets were a favourite of mine. …

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Bright Colours

Wits End travel photo challenge Bright Colours. These are entries … Cut out paper shapes for crafts. Colourful fans for sale in a craft shop. Fabrics at a market. Backpacks a plenty. These cats – oh, I love cats!

Shadow Shot

What interesting long shadows in my shadow shot photograph. I thought I’d join in the fun with Magical Mystical Teacher’s Photo Challenge. This photo was taken on almost the shortest day of the year in the Canary Islands. The shadows were long, the day was short, yet the temperature was moderately warm.

Sunday Trees

No 380, Becca has posted yet another wonderful Sunday tree photo. Here’s my entry, it’s a big old tree, which got a bit rotten and is being cut down. What is fascinating is the complicated system of branches it has.


Nancy’s A Photo a week challenge, is Horizon. Here’s my entry. I like this photo as you can see two different island on the horizon, it was taken last month whilst I was on holiday to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands.

Larger Than Life Tree

This is a huge attempt at Becca Givens Sunday Trees Challenge. There’s a park about 8 miles from us which is filled with fascinating trees and things made from logs. This tree is particularly large.