Okay, okay, I am spamming you with photos, I realise that I haven’t posted for weeks and now this. Dutch Goes The Photo challenge this week is groceries. I just Had to post this, while away in Turkey in September I had a poke around a traditional type market. I’m not sure all of the …

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Blue Is Everywhere

We were at the hosptal with Sol again yesterday. On the way to her appointment we stopped off to a shopping centre to look for some bargains. Blue was everywhere. #julysquares #blue. We spotted this blue M on a manhole. When we got home, we pained rocks. These photographs are part of some fun I …

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Spikes! #spikysquares

I’m late, it’s half way through the month, but I guess better late than never. My entry for #spikysquares in March by Becky. I spotted this in a store in Belfast.

City Scenes & Bear Seat

Yesterday I took a little trip out to Belfast. It was a funny old week and I had been stuck doing mundane things in the house and other half promised we’d get a few hours off from life. You often don’t realise the beauty that surrounds you, I guess I am lucky where I live. …

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The Town Hall, Newry, Northern Ireland #timesquare

I visit Newry frequently. Here’s the town hall, the town itself it’s actually quite quaint. There are two very modern and very good shopping centres there also, which are my main reason for visiting. Visit Becky to join in on the #timesquare fun.

The Glued and The Bad

This has been an eventful week so far. I’ll start with the sad news as one of my daughter’s friends died on Friday, she was only 16 years old. There has been a lot of tears and questions thrown about as to the reasons behind this girl’s sudden death. It is a tragic story, everyone …

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Market Time

We are here, posting from half way along the south coast in Turkey.