Dreaming Of blue

This day the weather has been abysmal, that word doesn’t even come close to describe it. So for #julysquares, #blue I am dreaming of my soon travels to sunnier climates. Here’s one more set of blue square wings. They are the wings of Brent geese.

Things That Fly

Lots of things can fly, and this is my entry for CB&W. A ladybird. A helicopter. Bee. Hummingbird moth. Butterfly. A barn owl. An aeroplane flies. Balloons can fly sometimes. Quite often time flies.

Chutes and Ladders

This is my version of CB&W, Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge. The topic is chutes and ladders, it left me scratching my head. I searched my photos and couldn’t find ladders, or so I thought initially. Then I was wondering about chutes, suddenly I realised the terminology is different in different countries. This is …

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In The Distance

Cee’s B&W challenge is In The Distance, I’m always photographing scenery sonthis topic is perfect for me. Here’s a few …. This one is kind of obvious, it’s from a plane. On the top of this hill in Turkey, there’s a castle. Can you see it? There’s a boat in the distance, but even further …

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Travel with intent, Sunday word is white. Here’s my entry. I love clouds. There’s always interesting clouds where I live, it’s cloudy a lot It also rains a lot, don’t be deceived by the pretty skies. I also enjoy travel, but I do get a little nervous when I’m above the clouds.

B&W Public Transportation

The challenge on Cee Neuner’s page is public transportation in B&W. I found a few quirky photographs, I hope you enjoy them. The obvious public transportation that comes to mind is a bus. I’ve used this photograph before, but I do like it so here it is again. I live on a peninsula, fortunately I …

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