CFFC Close UPS of Flowers

These are a small selection of my large library of flower photos, for CFFC. This also has to count for FOTD.

Funny CFFC

The CFFC this week is for something funny. I found a few old photos that were funny, but first I’ll share what’s funny to me. My cat, Walter. He’s got this thing about laying on my bed. He stretches out like he owns it, he probably does actually. This is a picture heavy post, please …

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Dutch goes the Photo has announced the latest photo challenge and the topic is trio. It’s quite an easy one for me as you will see as you scroll down. Have fun. I got these flowers recently, I thought the trio of yellow flowers was pretty. My hobbies are crafting, I love to crochet, I’m …

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Cee’s B&W Challenge

This is last weeks B&W challenge. the challenge is for tongues and tails, I’ve not got any cool tail pictures but I’ve got a tongue photo. I’m posting this because whilst I was looking through my photos I had a laugh at this one. I was just talking with a friend today about cows, just …

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This week we had the strangest milestone in our house. Not only did the youngest member of our family turn thirteen, she had a hair cut. Sol has the longest hair. Lately it’s been getting straggly looking and despite being trimmed regularly I could never get it to look good for her, it looked kind …

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Rows – Dutch Goes The Photo

I am always late for this regular Tuesday photo challenge, I’m thinking because it’s not become a habit yet. I think about it on a Tuesday, I look for photos on a Wednesday, but by the time I get around to writing the post it’s Thursday or Friday. Just shows I am not totally organised …

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Can I Play? Field

While I was browsing all my favourite sites I came across the photo challenge that Dutch Goes The Photo runs every week. I often come in late to these things, so in ceremonial fashion here I am. The topic is Field, and a particular photograph immediately came to mind. This field is opposite my house, …

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Signs – Photo Challenge

These signs are in black and white and are part of a photo challenge. Cee’s Photo Challenge. First one is of two street signs in my village. Each time I walk past them they make me smile as it is where the street changes it’s name. I always wonder about the space between the signs …

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