Photo a week


It’s a topic covered so many times before, FIRE. It’s hot, burning and flammatory. I hope you can stand the heat in here. Keep on scrolling for some real big fire photos. Starting small, birthday candles. Church candles. Melting marshmallows. The BBQ! They say there’s no smoke without fire. Sometimes there really is smoke without …

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Depth Of Field

Depth of field took me a long time to master, even now I don’t always get it right. Nancy Merrill posted a challenge, to encourage us to explore depth of friend in photography. Here’s my efforts, with varying degrees of success. I love the DOF in these chipmunk photographs, his set I am rather pleased …

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Vanishing Point

This is a photo challenge by Nancy Merrill, it’s the topic vanishing point. I had so m at interesting photos it was hard to pick, so I am posting a few! This road is part of a 3km route that I like to run when I’m feeling energetic. This is another part of my run …

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