photo a Day


Photo a day posts for City Sonnet’s challenge for photo a day. Fairly simple, this is the picnic area I have created at my house. It’s not had much use yet, the weather generally has been vile.

Y is for Yarn

July Colours and Letters photo project for today is the letter Y. The topic is obvious to me as I enjoy crafting. I am working on a project just now, I will share that in due course. Y is for Yarn.


This is an example of wild flowers which seem to be everywhere just now. For the Photo A Day Challenge, and Cee’s FOTD.

Starts with B

Just a little B word for City Sonnet Photo A Day Challenge. I see a lot of boats every single day.


I was thinking about City Sonnet’s challenge for word a day. The word is park, that could mean a place to have leisure or it could be the action of parking, or an area of beauty. Just for fun, I thought that these drivers definitely know how to park their cars. What about a park …

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Photo A Day

City Sonnet Photo A Day topic is face. I have lots of faces in my albums, but this sculpture is actually missing a face. I thought you might enjoy some faceless art.

V is for…

The Photo A Day challenge is the letter V on City Sonnet’s page. My first thought were vehicles, I have a million vehicle shots. Just for fun, when you don’t have an appropriate vase to use, you can use a measuring jug.


The photo a day challenge by Sixty Sonnet is unusual. I was out exploring and I found an old visitors centre in a countryside location. They had an interesting choice of ornaments to adorn their centre, very unusual. Look closely, you will be mooved. I’m adding this one on to Kammie’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge …

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