Blue Yonder

This is my 1st instalment to the #julysquares #blue challenge, actually my second if you count yesterday’s blue post. I decided to start the day off with some blue skies to cheer everyone up, in reality they are absent today as the weather is questionable. The first photo is where some of the old episodes …

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I have this thing about twisted staircases, Travel With Intent one word photo is Climb.

CFFC – One!

There are so many possibilities, but for fear of overwhelming you I just chose a couple of things for my entry into CFFC. The topic is – One. I was out walking the other day and wanted to take some photos of the beach while I was there. I noticed only one other person there …

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Lost something? FOTD & Arrival Into Antalya

We made it safely to Side in Turkey, already been here 20 hours and making our mark. I have seen some interesting sights including art work that has lost its head. This is my FOTD.

Sunday Trees on Monday

Becca’s Sunday Trees post is a very interesting red wooden cabin in Tennessee, go check it out. Here’s my Sunday Trees, as you will see on my post that will be going up shortly is that I visited a little national trust village, well away from nowhere. I though these trees were rather ‘busy’ looking.

B&W Challenge

I guess this thread is going to cover two photo challenges.  The B&W challenge ‘from the side’ . It will also be flower of the day, FOTD. I hope you enjoy the photos I have selected, they have all been taken in the last week. Tractor – From The Side. Spring is here. This guy …

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Not All Gates Lead Somewhere

Sunday stills, Gate. Not all gates open and not all lead anywhere. Old old doorway, to an old graveyard on the beach, it doesn’t open you simply walk down a few feet and jump over the wall.

FOTD 1st April & Dumbo

Who can believe it’s April Fool Day, or 1st April. I’m no fool in believing that spring is on the way. It was also Mothering Sunday yesterday here in the U.K. I went to see Dumbo in 3D at the cinema, it was my mother’s day request to my children. They humoured me and came …

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