Boxes Of Produce

On my recent trip to Turkey, I visited a market. I love taking photos of produce all laid out in rows or in this case, in tubs. Looks back through my last few visits to Turkey I did the same for herbs and teas too. So this is my #lines&squares entry for the day.

Mix Ups

I seem to disappear for several days and then make a catch up post. I know that’s okay in the grand scheme of things, but I feel FOMO doing it this way. I guess my updates are going to be a jumble, so sorry if you think they are out of sequence. Since I last …

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Blue Squares

It’s nearing the end of July, I have more squares left than days of this month. I have gathered a few blue squares for #blue, #julysquares.

Kammie’s Odd Ball(s) Challenge

I was holding this photo back for the longest time, now is the perfect time. Kammie’s Odd Ball Challenge. Is this an Oddball photograph? Maybe you think this guy has odd balls! I wonder why he looks so sad.


Just a very quick FOTD today, I spotted this little fella buzzing about so decided to capture him.

Blue Yonder

This is my 1st instalment to the #julysquares #blue challenge, actually my second if you count yesterday’s blue post. I decided to start the day off with some blue skies to cheer everyone up, in reality they are absent today as the weather is questionable. The first photo is where some of the old episodes …

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I have this thing about twisted staircases, Travel With Intent one word photo is Climb.