Muesli Loaf Cake

It has been an eternity since I posted one of my recipes. I have still baked, but a lot of the time I have repeated recipes and there’s no need to repost the same thing. Today, I have created a recipe. You won’t find this anywhere on the internet, this is totally new, just for …

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Oh Wow

Well we did it! Got to the end of Saturday and survived. After my last update there was so much happening. The children, well two of them, had their final GCSE exam. They were studying physics, it’s over now much to their delight. I told them if they pass good they don’t have to study …

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Big Crusty Bread

I am making tray bakes and goodies to eat for our coffee morning on Saturday. It’s going to be a fun morning because we’ve invited almost everyone we know, plus you get the passing people who see the sandwich board sign out the front as well as the congregation members from our church. It’s especially …

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