Oh Wow

Well we did it! Got to the end of Saturday and survived. After my last update there was so much happening. The children, well two of them, had their final GCSE exam. They were studying physics, it’s over now much to their delight. I told them if they pass good they don’t have to study […]


Muesli Crunch Bread

Today was pretty low key as far as Fridays go. We had to go out this afternoon and pick up a Mother’s Day card for my other half’s mum, he forgot last year and was in the bad books for a week so I made sure he remembered this time. We also had to go […]


I Said I wouldn’t

It’s a horrible wet day, and I am cold. I had to go to the city and organise the two middle children’s GCSE physics exams. We use an independent exam centre as we are not registered with any school, it has always worked out well but the drive can be a bit of a chore […]