It’s Lunch Time #timesquare

In line with what Becky posted on today’s #timesquare I thought I’d post a sundial too. It’s around noon, according to this timepiece from Tarragona in Catalonia.

Time To Fly #timesquare

Well I decided to incorporate #timesquare into my post. Yesterday I landed in Fuerteventura for a week. We are enjoying some summer sun, I’m quite glad because back home storms hit after we left and we heard it was pretty bad. Fuerteventura is one of the Canary Islands which is off the coast of Africa. …

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MWM #11 boats

This is my first time doing Mid Week Monochrome challenge. The topic is boats, so here it is. Every photograph has a story … These boats are in Donegal, Ireland. We stayed their last summer, the little village was tiny and very typically Irish. In contrast these two boat photographs are taken where I live, …

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Lit From Within

I found a photo challenge on Nancy Merrill photography website. I was just curious and was surfing around, her challenge this week is lit from within. I thought this might be an interesting one to post as it seems to be the time of year we always have candles burning. This one was simply on …

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B&W Public Transportation

The challenge on Cee Neuner’s page is public transportation in B&W. I found a few quirky photographs, I hope you enjoy them. The obvious public transportation that comes to mind is a bus. I’ve used this photograph before, but I do like it so here it is again. I live on a peninsula, fortunately I …

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Places People Live CFFC

I have missed everyone’s challenges the last few weeks, I so need to get caught up. I love this one that Cee has posted for her CFFC. It’s about places people live. I have visited Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands several times over the years. One artist’s work is on display all over the island, …

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In Flight CB&W

Another great photo challenge this week by Cee. It’s in flight, in black and white. My bird photos aren’t amazing but I think you will all see they were tricky enough to capture. This next photo was nerve wracking. The bird kept flying over the heads of the people, it was so low you could …

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Go Big

I haven’t been posting Dutch Goes The Photo Challenge the last few weeks. Mainly because I’ve been gone and I did my best to keep up where I could. The theme from Dutch this week is go big. Go big can mean anything big in size or even a way of life, maybe taking on …

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In The Pink – 25th September

This is today’s entry into the in the pink fun on It has been an interesting month digging through the photo archives I have and mixing them with new photographs I have taken. I’ve chosen an old photograph And some new photos, I had previously posted a carved watermelon on the post fierce foods. …

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