Oh Wow

Well we did it! Got to the end of Saturday and survived. After my last update there was so much happening. The children, well two of them, had their final GCSE exam. They were studying physics, it’s over now much to their delight. I told them if they pass good they don’t have to study […]


The Sun Sets On Another Day

I wonder what people think I do all day when I’m at home. Well, the children keep me busy almost all day. They are studying hard right now, exams are in three weeks time so we have had less day trips out. Anyone who knows us in person will know that at least once a […]


Our Wee Village

In Northern Ireland we have a special little language. A lot of our words are derived from Ulster Scots language, and some areas it is used more than others. It’s funny because I lived in Scotland for a few years as a child, and now I currently live in Northern Ireland, I think I’m a […]