Slidey Blue & A Lil Update

A thought for today is that life should be fun, sometimes it’s not. For those who want fun, here is my #julysquares #blue entry. Life isn’t fun for Sol right now. Remember she broke her hand and I flipped at the lack of treatment she had. Well, she’s back in a cast. She had a …

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Fun Blues

Who can believe it’s the 23rd day into the month of #julysquares which are #blue. My day has been busy in a way, got drainage guys working at our house today. It’s going to take three days before it’s all fixed; there are tree roots infiltrating our drains and they keep getting blocked. The work …

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Thursday Doors Or Is It A Tree?

I’ve been sitting on this photo all week, here’s my Sunday Trees, it’s a Thursday Doors too. Another door ‘The Hole In The Wall’ that’s exactly what a door is.

Kammie’s Odd Ball(s) Challenge

I was holding this photo back for the longest time, now is the perfect time. Kammie’s Odd Ball Challenge. Is this an Oddball photograph? Maybe you think this guy has odd balls! I wonder why he looks so sad.

Now, You Are Being Cheeky

This is Becca Givens 400th Sunday Trees post, not mine though, I’m not that good. I hope you enjoy this. Did you notice the tall thinly shaped trees?

What Is A?

What is a tortoise’s favourite hobby? Terrapin bowling! Just for fun today, three tortoises for #julysquares #blue.


I was thinking about City Sonnet’s challenge for word a day. The word is park, that could mean a place to have leisure or it could be the action of parking, or an area of beauty. Just for fun, I thought that these drivers definitely know how to park their cars. What about a park …

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The photo a day challenge by Sixty Sonnet is unusual. I was out exploring and I found an old visitors centre in a countryside location. They had an interesting choice of ornaments to adorn their centre, very unusual. Look closely, you will be mooved. I’m adding this one on to Kammie’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge …

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Sand Art

Yesterday as was privileged to be part of a team creating a large sand art design on my home beach. It was a cold day, but everyone wrapped up warm and got stuck in. I have always been involved with organising fund raising events and community projects. This one I only participated in, so can …

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