Chocolate Muffins

I made chocolate muffins this week. They actually were super rich and chocolatey and truthfully probably a bit much to eat in one sitting. I found that cutting one in half was just a perfect amount for me. Ingredients 250g self raising flour (8.8oz) 175ml milk. (6.2oz) 2 large eggs 100ml olive oil (3.5oz) 70g […]


Oh Wow

Well we did it! Got to the end of Saturday and survived. After my last update there was so much happening. The children, well two of them, had their final GCSE exam. They were studying physics, it’s over now much to their delight. I told them if they pass good they don’t have to study […]


Fudge This Day

This is a Fudge day! On Friday I am involved in a little fund raiser event, I’ve done a small amount of advertising and I’ve been allowed to have a stall. I have some costume jewellery spare from my online store so I’m going to sell that. Plus the children and I are going to […]