Pull Up A Seat

I was wondering if these seats were a little too ordinary, I decided to post them anyway for the Pull Up A Seat Challenge. An old ornate seat. Sit among the flowers if you like. Or among the trees maybe?

Blue Lights

A new meaning to the blue lampshades, #julysquares, #blue. These are bottles cut up to look like lights. Blue light shades spotted in a well known furniture store.


I am feeling Orange as it’s a holiday today where I live. It’s where the Orange men come out and parade. Here’s my FOTD.

Starts with B

Just a little B word for City Sonnet Photo A Day Challenge. I see a lot of boats every single day.


I like this topic, I may have posted a couple of the photos before previously for a challenge. CB&W challenge – Shadows. I saw this sculpture last week, his shadow was pretty cool. Miles and miles of desert like dunes in the evening. An evening visit to a beach gives great long shadows. Mustn’t forget …

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Pull Up A Seat

Have you got a desire to Pull Up A Seat and watch the world go by? Try this one, it looks very nice an peaceful here.

It Takes All Sorts Of Topics …

I can’t imagine that I could have foretold, that one day the picture I took in a bathroom in Antalya,would come in useful one day. Before I explain further this is for CB&W challenge.This week the topic is Bathrooms,  Outhouses, Portages-Potty.   I was sitting scratching my head, thinking that it’s not something I usually photograph. However one …

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CB&W Small Subject

Cee’s black and white challengers small subject. I think I have a theme going on, small creatures. Enjoy, try not to have too many cringe moments. A Snail. A spider. Butterfly. A moth. Ladybird. My daughter’s toy. Lego. Finally flowers.