Time I Slept #timesquare

Becky B of Winchester has #timesquare theme going on. This is my entry for 14th December. It’s actually early hours on the 15th and I am waiting for other half to pack his case and go to sleep. We are leaving on a jet plane in the morning. Who needs sleep anyway?

CatNap Time #timesquare

It’s the 7th December, that means it’s time for #timesquare. Almost as if my cat knows what I am doing this month, I came in and found him asleep on a coffee table. I leant over to take a photo and the message on the table jumped out at me! #timesquare


Dutch goes the Photo has announced the latest photo challenge and the topic is trio. It’s quite an easy one for me as you will see as you scroll down. Have fun. I got these flowers recently, I thought the trio of yellow flowers was pretty. My hobbies are crafting, I love to crochet, I’m …

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