Okay, okay, I am spamming you with photos, I realise that I haven’t posted for weeks and now this. Dutch Goes The Photo challenge this week is groceries. I just Had to post this, while away in Turkey in September I had a poke around a traditional type market. I’m not sure all of the …

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Sculpture – Dutch Goes The Photo

Sculpture is a great topic as I seem to have been lots of places with sculptures lately. Dutch Goes The Photo theme is sculpture. Art buffs will recognise this one …. quick google it! Same day … And an interesting mermaid sculpture at another location.

On A Hill

I love Dutch Goes The Photo, it gives me an opportunity to share photos I wouldn’t usually. The topic is hill this week. I’ve done some sightseeing in my time, this is what I have come up with. What about this road block? Another creature on a hill. I loved it so much climbing this …

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It has been an eventful day for me, but I am now home in the tranquil surroundings of the countryside. I found that Dutch Goes The Photo has an interesting topic this week, it’s all about walls. This selection of photographs spans three countries, both home and abroad. First up is a sea wall, this …

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Dutch Goes Outdoors

The theme for Dutch Goes The Photo this week is outdoors. Dutch posted a waterfall in Ireland, so following that theme – here’s my Ireland shots from when I was in Donegal. This one is from Northern Ireland, The Dark Hedges from GOT.


As Dutch Goes The Photo travels through Ireland with some trail shots I thought I’d pipe in with my own ‘Irish’ shots. Actually my photos are from Northern Ireland, they are all trails which I have enjoyed enough to take photographs while walking along enjoying nature. I am also adding that this post could be …

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The photo challenge by Dutch Goes The Photo is technology. Although technology is everywhere it’s something that I haven’t made a point of photographing very often. When I think about what I use technology for it is EVERYTHING, it’s my life. All day, I’m working and using technology, when I am not working I am …

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Places Of Worship

I like the topic of Worship by Dutch Goes The Photo, it can be an inclusive topic or an exclusive one. Rather than focus on the act of worship I have selected a few of my favourite photographs from places of worship. The ornate interior of this cathedral in Poznan stood out to me when …

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YUMMY Banana Fudge Cake Recipe

Of course as I was thinking about posting my recipe I notice that Dutch Goes The Photo has a challenge this week. I’m posting my absolutely delicious recipe for this cake for the challenge. INGREDIENTS 2 ripe mashed bananas 1.5 cups plain (AP) flour 1/3 cup melted butter 1 teaspoon baking soda 3/4 cup caster …

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