Dutch Goes The Photo has sunrise as a theme. I decided to follow on and make it sunrise on a cold day, just like Dutch’s Photo too. The temperature recorded this day was -19C or -2.5F which was mighty cold. Conversely I thought it would be nice to list a sunset too. Not so cold …

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Search below the SURFACE you never know what you might find. My life is all about the sea, I live by the sea and where I travel is almost always by the sea. Take a look below the surface … you just never know what you might find.

Play On Words

The topic from Dutch Goes The Photo is BANK. So first thoughts are river bank … Neither photo will win any awards for quality, the top one is in New Castle County Down and the bottom is Omagh (I think). Both in Northern Ireland. Then I thought about going to the Bank, I had taken …

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Dutch goes the photo theme is anticipation. It’s a wonderful topic, and can be interpreted in many ways. For me this past week I’ve been anticipating better weather than back at home. This was the wild weather we left behind… Just as we had anticipated the weather is glorious where we are now. As we …

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I would love to say that life isn’t a challenge at times, but it is. Emotionally, physically and otherwise. Thank you to Dutch Goes The Photo for this week’s prompt which is challenge. Here’s some physical challenges met by my children, I love their determination and it teaches us that we should just keep trying …

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Dutch Goes The Photo, and the topic is tranquil. I have to say the most obvious thing that comes to mind with the word tranquil is the surroundings where I live. Here are some tranquil beach and water photographs, all within minutes of my home. Although, I would like to add that it is tranquil …

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It’s quite a good time of year to be looking back, memories by Dutch Goes The Photo has summed it up. Looking back at years gone by and remembering this Christmas and that. Nothing like a sentimental time of year to get people together. I look back now at how my children have grown, Christmas …

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Dutch goes the Photo has announced the latest photo challenge and the topic is trio. It’s quite an easy one for me as you will see as you scroll down. Have fun. I got these flowers recently, I thought the trio of yellow flowers was pretty. My hobbies are crafting, I love to crochet, I’m …

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