Beach Flowers FOTD

Just for a change I am posting some flowers from my local area. This photo was taken in the summertime down at my own shoreline, not Canarian photos for a change. FOTD entry for 30th December. I’ll be back with some Canarian photographs tomorrow.


Today’s FOTD is once again shared to you, from the Canary Islands. even the lilies look different here, sporadically spaced and not quite like the ones back home.

More Aloes FOTD

More FOTD from me, it’s the day after Boxing Day. I should have gone out for a walk but quite frankly it’s a little cold and damp. Here’s some flowers from my recent travels, the Aloes just thrive in the hot dry weather. FOTD

Aloe Vera FOTD

This is my entry for FOTD on Boxing Day, 26th December. An aloe Vera plant In the Canarys, what I found interesting was some had red flowers also.

Christmas Eve’s FOTD

My flower of the day, FOTD, photo is of more canarian flowers. We are home now, but there are still a few more flower photos to share. I loved these, clearly more cultivated as they were in a cultivated area around a shopping centre.

FOTD for 20th December.

My FOTD entry. Not entirely sure what these plants are, but there’s a lot of them on around in the cultivated areas of Fuerteventura. ** edited to add in that the name of the plant is Echium. Thanks to Love Will Bring Us Together who painstakingly researched it for me. **


In Fuerteventura, it’s windswept and barren. The plants just hold on very tight, they are sparse. Cacti grow well though! Today’s FOTD by Cee is here, this is my entry.