Okay, okay, I am spamming you with photos, I realise that I haven’t posted for weeks and now this. Dutch Goes The Photo challenge this week is groceries. I just Had to post this, while away in Turkey in September I had a poke around a traditional type market. I’m not sure all of the …

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Friday Follies

I may have posted these before for Friday Follies. Are you hungry? Do you know which way the footpath is heading? Who do you love?

End Of The #spikysquares

Just like Brexit then spiky squares has to come to an end, except Brexit didn’t and spikysquares has. I also will be glad to see the back of Brexit (who won’t be glad?);but I’m not glad the March squares project has ended, I wish it could continue. So, here is a number of squares to …

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My Favourite Sort Of Spiky Squares

A fun Spiky square in March. This has to be my favourite because it is a tool to cut bread, I love home baked bread. I also love chocolate, and my very well used and frequently sharpened knife.

Slow Cooker Apple Butter

I made apple butter today. I had a few apples left over from the crop we got this year, other half had gone and rescued them from the tree. I figured as they weren’t good enough for straight eating I’d make something. I had made apple butter last year and it was a big hit, …

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Muesli Loaf Cake

It has been an eternity since I posted one of my recipes. I have still baked, but a lot of the time I have repeated recipes and there’s no need to repost the same thing. Today, I have created a recipe. You won’t find this anywhere on the internet, this is totally new, just for …

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Fierce Foods

What is interesting for me this past week is with regard to food I have been taken outside my comfort zone. I am one for eating wholesome foods usually, I am a cook and a baker, not by profession but I make everything from scratch.

Receiving Gifts

I guess I have been kind of lucky this week with regard to receiving gifts. I am no means materialistic, but it is nice to receive. First off I got my new camera last week as an advance birthday gift, I haven’t actually had much of a chance to use it yet unfortunately. I’ve just …

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How Old Did You Say He Was?

There have been all sorts of things happening this past week. Other half’s birthday was probably the biggest event of the week. He turned 56, he is going to get me for sharing that information 🤣😂. We even got candles with the numbers on them for his cake, just to make sure that it didn’t …

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