Do you think fake flowers don’t count for FOTD? I’m going to post them anyway, these sunflowers have brightened up my day anyway. I love the,, I saw them in a store and I’m tempted to go back and get them for my large vase. Cee’s FOTD. What do you think?


I’m just about getting through these winter days, they are finally on the turn and the weather is getting milder. The only thing really in my garden just now are daffodils, and a lot of them. I posted some the other day for FOTD but I figured I could post some more.

Depth Of Field

Depth of field took me a long time to master, even now I don’t always get it right. Nancy Merrill posted a challenge, to encourage us to explore depth of friend in photography. Here’s my efforts, with varying degrees of success. I love the DOF in these chipmunk photographs, his set I am rather pleased …

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Monochrome Monday

I got a few bouquets of flowers the past week or two, I took some photos. This one is perfect for MONOCHROME MONDAY. Though it is Tuesday but due to my time zone I was already asleep when the Monday post was posted. Here’s my entry …


Not even sure what these FOTD things are, I am clueless sometimes lol. they were a gift, however there were no names on the label so I just set them out to look pretty. Two of them are thriving and two are not doing so good.