Blue Squares In A Square

Blue squares today is a little crafty, #blue, #julysquares. This is a blanket I crochet, there are quite a few blue squares in the blanket too. This is a rock I found, part of a big world wide rock hunt.

Y is for Yarn

July Colours and Letters photo project for today is the letter Y. The topic is obvious to me as I enjoy crafting. I am working on a project just now, I will share that in due course. Y is for Yarn.

Texture – CFFC

Cee’s Photo Challenge is TEXTURE. There’s so many things, the list is limitless. I’ve got so many texture photos you will probably fall asleep, I chose these as they are some of my favourite things. I like to crochet, I enjoy the textures or different yarns. This is an oldie, but I love the appearance …

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Colourful Monotones – CFFC

This week’s CFFC, fun FOTD challenge on Cee Neuner’s site is colourful monotones. My entries … They say that swans mate for life… love birds. But not swans of the watery type….. When sky meets sea. And the sunset colours the water a golden shade of red. Would you like some fish for dinner? When …

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Holiday Time Approaching

I’ve been pretty much housebound this week. Other half’s car failed it’s MOT test, there was a patch of rust underneath and it needed fixing. So of course, that meant other half took my car 😏. That left me stranded. As it worked out I actually wasn’t feeling too well this week so didn’t need …

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Dutch goes the Photo has announced the latest photo challenge and the topic is trio. It’s quite an easy one for me as you will see as you scroll down. Have fun. I got these flowers recently, I thought the trio of yellow flowers was pretty. My hobbies are crafting, I love to crochet, I’m …

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CFFC Tools

I love photography challenges as you can turn ordinary situations and photos into works of art. This week the CFFC is tools. Tools can mean a wide range of things, they are a wide range objects that help people get a job done. The tools I use as someone who bakes and makes things are …

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The Glued and The Bad

This has been an eventful week so far. I’ll start with the sad news as one of my daughter’s friends died on Friday, she was only 16 years old. There has been a lot of tears and questions thrown about as to the reasons behind this girl’s sudden death. It is a tragic story, everyone …

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Monday is Good

One week on from slowly recovering from my painful back and I am so much better. I can’t feel it all now and I’ve pretty much got myself back to normal. So now I’m contemplating the upcoming busy week, which is filled with fun things and more serious stuff. Today I visited a friend, I …

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