Time To Go To Church #timesquare

Time to worship? It’s Sunday morning and my children are partaking in a special service where we all out gifts under the tree in church. The gifts go to a shelter for the children who are not as fortunate as ours. My son is in the pulpit today, and my daughters will have something to […]


Another WPC Lines

The second I’ve done this week, but as I was scrolling through some old photos I found some ore that I felt fitted the WordPress photo theme of Lines. WPC Lines Needs no expiation, but a merry-go-round. Iglesias De Sant Roma, Lloret, Spain I see lots of lines in my crocheting. These are the organ […]


We Always Want More Than We Need

Today was the harvest services in our church. Our choir was beautiful as ever. It was funny as this evening afterwards somebody commented to me about the choir being brought in for the services, I was so proud to say “no, they aren't brought in for the occasion, that is our choir and they are […]