My Favourite Sort Of Spiky Squares

A fun Spiky square in March. This has to be my favourite because it is a tool to cut bread, I love home baked bread. I also love chocolate, and my very well used and frequently sharpened knife.

Monday is Good

One week on from slowly recovering from my painful back and I am so much better. I can’t feel it all now and I’ve pretty much got myself back to normal. So now I’m contemplating the upcoming busy week, which is filled with fun things and more serious stuff. Today I visited a friend, I …

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CFFC – Guitar, Coffee

This week’s CFFC is music, guitar, coffee, men, candid… Here’s a start for my entry, I may make another post. Guitar; I have never played one. My son owns one and he can’t play either, in fact I don’t even know how to hold one properly. For the purpose of this challenge I took a …

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Alexa – Turn The Music Up

I have to say that being 47 isn’t so bad after all. I woke somewhere in the night to hear a clatter from the kitchen. Walter (my cat) had realised that someone had left a chicken bone hidden in the compost bin, that someone had placed also a heavy plate on top, but it didn’t …

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Fudgey Rocky Roads

There’s a festival on in our village on Saturday, that is live music followed by fireworks. Also there’s community things going on during the day, one of the events is held in our own church. Other half is the chair person of a very enthusiastic events team. Everyone has worked tremendously hard to make things …

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Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder how you got to the day it was and realise the week or month has flown too fast. I am doing that, life seems to be blurring past at a stupendous rate. Today is Tuesday, and it’s almost the end of the day yet only …

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Chocolate Muffins

I made chocolate muffins this week. They actually were super rich and chocolatey and truthfully probably a bit much to eat in one sitting. I found that cutting one in half was just a perfect amount for me. Ingredients 250g self raising flour (8.8oz) 175ml milk. (6.2oz) 2 large eggs 100ml olive oil (3.5oz) 70g …

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Cheater Rocky Road

We had made these for our coffee morning two weeks ago. Yes, you had to wait this long to get the recipes, I am sorry but it could not be helped. I am only catching up now with the recipes which I had stored in my drafts folder. I find also this recipe freezes well, …

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