CFFC Shadows

This is a thoroughly interesting subject, shadows are the thing you often try to avoid when taking photographs, yet shadows can make a photo more interesting. CFFC. I have also covered this topic before … Shadows. This was an accidental shadow. This one very deliberate. This one too, the shadows added to the mood. Also …

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On a roll here, it’s the topic shiny by Cee for her CFFC. Here’s my finds from my photo album. Dash O the Irish, very appropriate for this weekend being St Patrick’s Day, given where I live. These bottles are shiny. The water at twilight. The lights on this fishing boat are definitely shining bright.


I’m back after a short hiatus … miss me? My apologies, I shall explain later. I’m jumping straight in with last week’s which is pairs, meaning two or double. Here’s my entry … I took my daughter for her eye test today, I saw lots of pairs of glasses. A pair of birds, spotted on …

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Catching People Unaware CFFC

This is a great topic – catching people unaware. I picked a couple out that I liked particularly. Sol, deep in thought. Sol wasn’t very well this day, she was snoozing, I took the photograph to show off her beautiful eyelashes. And Seb, he’s very similar looking to Sol while asleep.