I like this topic, I may have posted a couple of the photos before previously for a challenge. CB&W challenge – Shadows. I saw this sculpture last week, his shadow was pretty cool. Miles and miles of desert like dunes in the evening. An evening visit to a beach gives great long shadows. Mustn’t forget …

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It Takes All Sorts Of Topics …

I can’t imagine that I could have foretold, that one day the picture I took in a bathroom in Antalya,would come in useful one day. Before I explain further this is for CB&W challenge.This week the topic is Bathrooms,  Outhouses, Portages-Potty.   I was sitting scratching my head, thinking that it’s not something I usually photograph. However one …

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CBWC, Lines & Angles

Lines and angles, CB&W challenge for the week. I just love this photo, I took it when I was staying in Side, Turkey last month. Happy memories, lots of lines. This too was taken in Side, this is Apollo’s Temple. These tiles, lots of angles. Empty shelves in a store, parallel lines.

Seasons Of A Scarecrow

Cee’s very fun topic of lawn ornaments for the CB&W or garden ornaments as I would call them. There is this scarecrow, he started all nice and neat looking but he’s getting a little weathered now.

Any Kind Of House CB&W

Cee’s Black and White Challenge is any kind of house. Lighthouse Mobile house. Cat house. Ornamental book stand house. Old house. Bug house. Lego house.

CB&W Small Subject

Cee’s black and white challengers small subject. I think I have a theme going on, small creatures. Enjoy, try not to have too many cringe moments. A Snail. A spider. Butterfly. A moth. Ladybird. My daughter’s toy. Lego. Finally flowers.

hands, feet or paws

There’s a wonderful array of hands, feet or paws posted in Cee’s challenge post CB&W this week. I’m a little late because I was exploring, but here’s my entry to the topic. This is a very special hand and also very appropriate for the CFFC this week too. Lots of feet and hands in this …

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Chutes and Ladders

This is my version of CB&W, Cee’s Black and White Photo Challenge. The topic is chutes and ladders, it left me scratching my head. I searched my photos and couldn’t find ladders, or so I thought initially. Then I was wondering about chutes, suddenly I realised the terminology is different in different countries. This is …

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In Or On Water

This photo challenge is for black and white images of In Or On Water. These images pretty much depict the area where I live, boats and sea. Any Game Of Thrones fans might recognise the first photograph.

Cute Or What?

Do you really think when someone said “never work with kids or animals” that they had truly experienced working with kids or animals? Cee’s black & white challenge, is about cuteness. Of course I am biased towards my children and animals. Enjoy this list of cute things. My dog as a puppy My dog now. …

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