CFFC Animals

The theme of CFFC is animals this week. I didn’t have to look too hard in my photo album to find a few beauties. This large scary creature … croc Some funny looking sheep. A friendly mountain goat. More goats. The funny thing is, when you are just walking along the road and find a …

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Cute Or What?

Do you really think when someone said “never work with kids or animals” that they had truly experienced working with kids or animals? Cee’s black & white challenge, is about cuteness. Of course I am biased towards my children and animals. Enjoy this list of cute things. My dog as a puppy My dog now. …

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CFFC Black and White

This week’s CFFC is anything black and white. The options are limitless from this topic, I’ve picked some of my favourites. An oldie, but goldie – my cat Gozo. He went missing, never found him but he was gorgeous. For you … a rose. Two little friends. My cat, Walter watching the world go by. …

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Thursday Doors Dec 13th

I have enjoyed posting responses to photo challenges all week. Here’s one more which was very apt. #thursdaydoors This is the door of a cat museum in Spain, I loved it I went back several times just to look at this fascinating doorway.

Photo A Day Challenge 13th December – Cat

December Photo A Day Challenge by City Sonnet. Today’s subject is CAT. This is Toby, he lives in my garage, doesn’t come in the house. And this cat is Walter, he lives in the house and doesn’t go in the garage.

CatNap Time #timesquare

It’s the 7th December, that means it’s time for #timesquare. Almost as if my cat knows what I am doing this month, I came in and found him asleep on a coffee table. I leant over to take a photo and the message on the table jumped out at me! #timesquare

Funny CFFC

The CFFC this week is for something funny. I found a few old photos that were funny, but first I’ll share what’s funny to me. My cat, Walter. He’s got this thing about laying on my bed. He stretches out like he owns it, he probably does actually. This is a picture heavy post, please …

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Comfort Photo Challenge

Dutch Goes The Photo and is looking for some comfort. The comfort I often get is from my cat Walter, or maybe he looks for comfort from me. It’s not often I post a photograph of myself, you can just see Walter cuddled up with me. COMFORT.

CFFC – Vibrant Colours

As usual I’m about a week late! I was thinking that I couldn’t not post on last week’s CFFC, which was the topic of vibrant colours. Here are my entries … First up is an old photo of one of my children, the dress is vibrant! Any guesses to which child this is? This one …

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