YUMMY Banana Fudge Cake Recipe

Of course as I was thinking about posting my recipe I notice that Dutch Goes The Photo has a challenge this week. I’m posting my absolutely delicious recipe for this cake for the challenge. INGREDIENTS 2 ripe mashed bananas 1.5 cups plain (AP) flour 1/3 cup melted butter 1 teaspoon baking soda 3/4 cup caster …

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End Of The #spikysquares

Just like Brexit then spiky squares has to come to an end, except Brexit didn’t and spikysquares has. I also will be glad to see the back of Brexit (who won’t be glad?);but I’m not glad the March squares project has ended, I wish it could continue. So, here is a number of squares to …

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Photo A Day – Candles

A photo a Day for the 15th December, topic is candles by City Sonnet. This is a bit of a cheat because I have scheduled this to post. I am somewhere between Ireland and the Canary Islands which are just off the coast of Africa. 🛫 I actually am posting two photographs, not one! I’ve …

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Muesli Loaf Cake

It has been an eternity since I posted one of my recipes. I have still baked, but a lot of the time I have repeated recipes and there’s no need to repost the same thing. Today, I have created a recipe. You won’t find this anywhere on the internet, this is totally new, just for …

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Birthday Cake #inthepink

Today’s instalment of September Squares is the pink birthday cake we gave to our daughter Sol. She turned 16 on Saturday, as we were travelling until Friday I didn’t have time to bake a cake so we bought a pink one with a tiara on top. This is the cake …. #inthepink

Alexa – Turn The Music Up

I have to say that being 47 isn’t so bad after all. I woke somewhere in the night to hear a clatter from the kitchen. Walter (my cat) had realised that someone had left a chicken bone hidden in the compost bin, that someone had placed also a heavy plate on top, but it didn’t …

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Do You Ever Wonder?

Do you ever wake up in the morning and wonder how you got to the day it was and realise the week or month has flown too fast. I am doing that, life seems to be blurring past at a stupendous rate. Today is Tuesday, and it’s almost the end of the day yet only …

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How Old Did You Say He Was?

There have been all sorts of things happening this past week. Other half’s birthday was probably the biggest event of the week. He turned 56, he is going to get me for sharing that information 🤣😂. We even got candles with the numbers on them for his cake, just to make sure that it didn’t …

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