CFFC – Rectangles & Squares

This is along similar style to the photo challenge by Becky today. Anyway, for the CFFC Photo Challenge I came up with a few that fit the bill. My daughter’s pens make an interesting photo due to the variety of colours. Another brick in the wall… Wasn’t that a song? And here’s one I made …

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Things That Fly

Lots of things can fly, and this is my entry for CB&W. A ladybird. A helicopter. Bee. Hummingbird moth. Butterfly. A barn owl. An aeroplane flies. Balloons can fly sometimes. Quite often time flies.

Sculpture – Dutch Goes The Photo

Sculpture is a great topic as I seem to have been lots of places with sculptures lately. Dutch Goes The Photo theme is sculpture. Art buffs will recognise this one …. quick google it! Same day … And an interesting mermaid sculpture at another location.

Blue Lights

A new meaning to the blue lampshades, #julysquares, #blue. These are bottles cut up to look like lights. Blue light shades spotted in a well known furniture store.

Photo A Day

City Sonnet Photo A Day topic is face. I have lots of faces in my albums, but this sculpture is actually missing a face. I thought you might enjoy some faceless art.

A Day For Art

It’s a day for art. Becky posted an amazing photos of art on her page today for her #julysquares #blue challenge. The art is a giant mural of cats and countryside, to offer you a contrast I am posting tiny pieces of art work. The little houses are chopped tree trunk, they are not completely …

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