Bits and pieces

Random photos of our walks into the village the last couple of weeks. This was taken from inside the little thatched cottage which is in our village – I just love all the old crockery.


Nystagmus is one of Sol’s eye conditions – for those who know me I thought this might be insight into what is happening with Summer. Info reproduced with permission from Nystagmus Network, UK. Nystagmus is characterised by an involuntary movement of the eyes, which often seriously reduces vision. Many people with this condition are …

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Two Birthdays

Sol had two birthdays! Sol’s Birthday was on the 4th but its only taken till now to get her photos looked at! In light of at least two of our friends being on hliday we decided not to have a party as such for Sol. Instead I am going to have a bouncing castle for …

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Our holiday

We got out other holiday booked … we have settled on the Algarve and are going late May 09. Here is where we are staying WOOHOO

The good news today

Its not all bad … Still upset by Sol’s appointment, but as usual my baby is oblivious and as charming as ever. We have been looking for holidays next year. Too early you say? Well not considering there are six of us and we need a pretty big apartment when we travel, larger aprtments are …

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eye updates

Today was Sol and Seb’s appointment at the eye clinic. Seb is very long sighted and has astigmatism, he gets eye checks every three months. His is much the same for now so that is good news as we don’t have to put any nasty atropine in his eyes this time around. Sol is a …

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