Christmas Dinner!

What do you do for Christmas dinner? We don’t have a Christmas day dinner as such, come lunch time the children are done in. You know how it is they just cant sleep with excitement then up early to peek and see if Santa has been. Earlier years half asleep children and frazzled parents do …

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It Wasn’t Me!

This is Sol, moments after she emptied a bottle of baby powder on the bathroom floor. I walked in to catch her and she said “It wasn’t me!”

Busy day

I want to get my kitchen painted this weekend. Well painted, papered, I don’t really care which right now. We, finally after 5 and a half months, got plans passed for the building of a fair sized extension to our house and that will include a whole new kitchen. So for now I just want …

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Under the table!

Yesterday, the 11th November 2008 was a ‘funny’ day. I had to do a few errands early on in the day, off to the chemist, newsagent for birthday cards and wrapping paper, and the like. I called in at the Co-Op for the usual food supplies with Seb our 5yo, he was looking at everything …

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Do you remember Fawlty Towers? Well we were watching a re run of them on Sky TV the last couple weeks, the children were literally rolling on the floor with laughter. Who would have known that ‘old fashioned’ comedy would have amused them so much?Since then they have been role playing Fawlty towers with some …


Little Britain

Do you watch Little Britain, or Little Britain USA? Well anyone who does will realise how close to the mark the sketches are. I have to say I watch this programme and cringe at all the politically incorrect material in it. I find Mr Doggy particularly funny. This sketch is not for the faint hearted …

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  Our daughter went to heaven officially on the 8th November 2001 though she was gone from the 6th. We will never forget.     I wrote these poems when I was still very much grieving (you never really stop). I am sure in literacy terms they are not very good but it was how …

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