Blue Squares

It’s nearing the end of July, I have more squares left than days of this month. I have gathered a few blue squares for #blue, #julysquares.

Dreaming Of blue

This day the weather has been abysmal, that word doesn’t even come close to describe it. So for #julysquares, #blue I am dreaming of my soon travels to sunnier climates. Here’s one more set of blue square wings. They are the wings of Brent geese.

Slidey Blue & A Lil Update

A thought for today is that life should be fun, sometimes it’s not. For those who want fun, here is my #julysquares #blue entry. Life isn’t fun for Sol right now. Remember she broke her hand and I flipped at the lack of treatment she had. Well, she’s back in a cast. She had a …

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Pull Up A Seat

I was wondering if these seats were a little too ordinary, I decided to post them anyway for the Pull Up A Seat Challenge. An old ornate seat. Sit among the flowers if you like. Or among the trees maybe?

Blue Signs

There’s an interesting enchanted tale on Becky’s blue page. It’s July, and all the #blue posts need to be square, #julysquares. I was out for a run earlier this week and I was feeling tired, just like this tired looking sign that I saw on my route. This ‘Highway to Health’ post also qualifies for …

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Things That Fly

Lots of things can fly, and this is my entry for CB&W. A ladybird. A helicopter. Bee. Hummingbird moth. Butterfly. A barn owl. An aeroplane flies. Balloons can fly sometimes. Quite often time flies.

Blue Squares In A Square

Blue squares today is a little crafty, #blue, #julysquares. This is a blanket I crochet, there are quite a few blue squares in the blanket too. This is a rock I found, part of a big world wide rock hunt.

Water -CFFC

There’s definitely a recurring theme this week with my photographs, no prizes for guessing what. My photos of Water, for CFFC. Blue water. White water. Frozen water, iced lake. Clear water. Evening water. River water. Waterfall. More frozen water in the form of snow.