Windows – CFFC

Cee's Fun Foto Challenge - click here to join in. I have chosen windows as my theme which fits in with the CFFC. Roof window Uniform windows inside a building (same building as the above roof window). Narrow windows. Old round window. Ornate balconies for windows. Floral box on a window. Finally, geometric windows high... Continue Reading →

Chocolate Muffins

I made chocolate muffins this week. They actually were super rich and chocolatey and truthfully probably a bit much to eat in one sitting. I found that cutting one in half was just a perfect amount for me. Ingredients 250g self raising flour (8.8oz) 175ml milk. (6.2oz) 2 large eggs 100ml olive oil (3.5oz) 70g... Continue Reading →

Birds In Black & White

Cee's photography challenge, black & white birds. Photographs of birds in black and white. These challenges are often challenging for me, but I had a rummage and this is what I found. This beautiful barn owl, simply converted into black and white. Just for fun, 'The Swans' and ducks which are local to me. You... Continue Reading →

Coconut Muffins

It's the big day for Sol. We are heading out shortly to do the first recording for the TV animation show that she will be acting in. I couldn't go without saying "hello" to everyone and of course I want to publicly wish Sol good luck. She's a special girl. (Like all of my children),... Continue Reading →

For Angela 😂

For the viewing pleasure of some of my followers, especially Angela .... I made my first loaf 😍. I can tell you after two weeks of going without it tasted so good. The family had been requesting the last few days, with at least one member complaining that the shop bought bread was making her... Continue Reading →

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