Beautiful Peacock

I'm baking today so I will post up some recipes later on for you. I've been busy the last couple of days delivering leaflets for my church, and I'm afraid it has distracted me and things have got neglected, including my webpage. As a result it has also meant I have little done in the... Continue Reading →

Place In The World

The WordPress photo theme this week is about my Place in the World. I think I may have touched on this several times already ☺️! I even posted about where I live and love two days ago. I live a stone's throw away from the water, the sometimes wild, sometimes calm sea almost laps at... Continue Reading →

Oreo SlowCooker Fudge

This is the last of the fudge recipes for now, I hope you enjoy it and try it. The children enjoyed the venture and loved eating the samples and licking the spoon even more. Recipe 500g milk chocolate 1 packet (14) Oreos 1 can condensed milk Method Melt all the ingredients except for the Oreos... Continue Reading →

The Views

Last night, quite late on in the evening I went for a walk. I have to say that where I live it is very beautiful, I feel blessed to live here. Everyday I look at the surroundings and just soak them up. The views change daily according to the weather and conditions, no two days... Continue Reading →

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