Happy Hallowe’en!

Not quite sure what is going on in our house this week, we seem to have caught a dragon. We live in a country where Hallowe'en isn't really a big thing. It's not that it's not celebrated, it's just it's not big. We have never had anyone knocking on our door saying "trick or treat".... Continue Reading →

Monday is Good

One week on from slowly recovering from my painful back and I am so much better. I can't feel it all now and I've pretty much got myself back to normal. So now I'm contemplating the upcoming busy week, which is filled with fun things and more serious stuff. Today I visited a friend, I... Continue Reading →

LAPC – Crafts

Hi everyone, time for this weekend's photo challenge. This is the third out of four photo challenges that I said I would post. This week topic is Crafts. I am probably a little bit biased because I like to make crafty things. So here it is, Saturday 20th October LAPC. Please post a ping back... Continue Reading →

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