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About Me

Am I a bored housewife? Probably so.

I have a few children, some of them are getting to be grown up and roll their eyes at me a lot.  I am passionate about life really, came through some bad times the last few years; loss, depression, and some times people around me have been just plain cruel and hurtful.

I write about whatever takes my fancy; photography, designing, baking, crafts, schooling, travel or just sometimes I talk rubbish.   My life can get hectic, sometimes it is quiet.  There is one thing that is certain and that my life is never dull.  In 2019 I have planned some travel, some of it booked already and some not.  My main goal for the year is to help other people, I may not always write about that, because it is something that I feel awkward sharing.  I also plan on building my own business and get better at my current employment too.

Now I have shared a little about me, please delve on in and enjoy my site.  Don’t forget to comment on my posts or message me and share something about you.

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