Love Hot Chocolate

My car had failed is MOT test on Saturday. Just by a tiny bit though, a tyre. Visually everything looked okay, plenty tread, but they said it was split. Sure enough went to the tyre centre and they found the split on the inner wall. While I was waiting to get my tyre on I […]


Cars Galore

On Thursday night other half announced he wanted to go see some cars that were on display in another town. He’s helping organise a festival in our own town later this month and thought he’d go speak to the car display organisers. It was a beautiful evening and the scenery was second to none, the […]


So Much Has Happened

So much has happened since my last entry.  I have had some pretty life changing events the last few years and my once enthusiastic blogging has dwindled.  I would be interested to hear from readers if they wish me to continue, or is the advice just to give up writing and move on to something […]