Anything, But Not Nothing

The round up of a week of weird happenings.  I guess it wasn’t exactly a week that was exciting or even worthy of a blog post, but here goes. I ended up at the dentist another two times with my bridge.  It came out, then it came out again 12 hours after it was fitted.  …

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What Can Go Wrong Will

I do not like to continually moan, nor do I want this blog to be an outlet for my whinges.  But …Today merits a moan. Sol was to have surgery this week on her eyes.  She has poor vision and her eyes have a tendency to drift inwards and upwards.  The poor vision can never …

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Ghosts and Teeth

I knew there was something I had forgotten! Typical I scratch my head trying to remember the last weeks events to put together a blog post and I forget the thing that affected me a lot! We have a ghost called Maureen in our house. Well one night last week we were awakened during the …

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Baking day – Saturday 24th

I am back dating blogging LOL. Today is actually Wednesday not Saturday but I wanted to post these photos before I share this weeks events. Baking biscuits – Toni got an Angelina Ballerina cook book for Christmas so she decided to give one of the recipes a whirl. The biscuits looked ‘ok‘ but they did …

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26th April 2008

Here she is Miss T – tooth no2 gone! Another 18 dramas to go. Less said the better . I want to write more on my week but the children are fighting over balloons right now *sigh*, I am going to pop them.