Quite simply these pansies are my entry for FOTD. They are to be found by the bug hotel in my village which makes for an interesting conversation starter.

Larger Than Life Tree

This is a huge attempt at Becca Givens Sunday Trees Challenge. There’s a park about 8 miles from us which is filled with fascinating trees and things made from logs. This tree is particularly large.


I’m posting tulips too for my FOTD.

Geometric Shapes

It’s definitely an interesting topic that Cee has given us to work with for the B&W challenge. The topic is geometric shapes. I loves these tiles I saw in Turkey. And the new keyboard I just got to go with my iPad, I took a photo of it to blog about it and the photograph …

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Variegated Leaves FOTD

My flower of the day, FOTD, is a variegated plant. Once again I do not know the name of it, I have an appreciation of colours and patterns but never the knowledge to identify plants as I go along. I still think the leaves are striking and hope they qualify for FOTD.

Big Ben, London #timesquare

I cheated and actually didn’t take this photograph, my son it and it was New Years Eve, waiting for the fireworks. Happy New Year! Thanks for all the fun #timesquare adventures.

Colourful Monotones – CFFC

This week’s CFFC, fun FOTD challenge on Cee Neuner’s site is colourful monotones. My entries … They say that swans mate for life… love birds. But not swans of the watery type….. When sky meets sea. And the sunset colours the water a golden shade of red. Would you like some fish for dinner? When …

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