Its a jungle out there!

This was such a busy day … This morning after the usual panic to get everyone ready and out the door we made it in good time at our destination. We went to the science museum, W5, in Belfast. The little playgroup were going, one of our children belongs to the playgroup so we had […]


2nd March 2008

Its been an age since I have written to this blog. I guess life has been pretty mad the last few weeks, and I must take time to fill you all in on the details! For now I want to share some photos I have taken of my little baby Sol, well she isn’t really […]


Saturday 12th January

I am so tired today, was up too late last night doing stuff in the house and on the net. My own fault really, I did brighten up this evening once the children went to bed. It has been a busy few days with DH being away, he left on Wednesday morning at 5.30am and […]