Thursday Doors

I’m just sharing a couple of quick Thursday door photographs. Both doors are in Northern Ireland. This one is in Hillsborough, which is the town where the queen stays when she visits. And this cute doorway is in the village where I live, it’s of the Off Licence the liquor store as others might know …

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In The Distance

Cee’s B&W challenge is In The Distance, I’m always photographing scenery sonthis topic is perfect for me. Here’s a few …. This one is kind of obvious, it’s from a plane. On the top of this hill in Turkey, there’s a castle. Can you see it? There’s a boat in the distance, but even further …

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Not even sure what these FOTD things are, I am clueless sometimes lol. they were a gift, however there were no names on the label so I just set them out to look pretty. Two of them are thriving and two are not doing so good.

Play On Words

The topic from Dutch Goes The Photo is BANK. So first thoughts are river bank … Neither photo will win any awards for quality, the top one is in New Castle County Down and the bottom is Omagh (I think). Both in Northern Ireland. Then I thought about going to the Bank, I had taken …

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RagTag Daily Prompt

It’s a good one IMMERSE. I have a thing about ships that are being immersed, look back a few posts on my site and you will see – click here. Here’s another boat that is about to be immersed.


I’m catching up here, a little bit and having a blast. This set of photos is from Cee’s B&W challenge, the topic is music. I’ve a few, so please bear with me. I’ve posted this photo before, my guitar and me. Then I have this arty photo. A silver band. The organ pipes in my …

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I’m back after a short hiatus … miss me? My apologies, I shall explain later. I’m jumping straight in with last week’s which is pairs, meaning two or double. Here’s my entry … I took my daughter for her eye test today, I saw lots of pairs of glasses. A pair of birds, spotted on …

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