This is my cat, Walter. I’m sharing the photo, just because I can. Plus if you want to save the cat graphics then you can, they are free to use.

New Baby

I got a new baby and his name is Walter White. His favourite pastime is to sleep in funny places. We’ve only had him three weeks and already he’s made a little cat shaped spot in our hearts.

Turbine Views

There’s a wind turbine near us, it’s located in some woodland.                   Posted with Blogsy

Made It In One Piece

Well, it’s over. The surgery for Sol that is. All those years, all that worrying and it feels like strange that its finally done. Sol did great, she’s a little trooper. We arrived at 8 am and she was anaesthetised by 9am. The surgery lasted 90 minutes and it took Sol another hour to come …

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Nose No Trouble

This has been an eventful week indeed! Our poor wee puppy got bitten by another dog. The other dog was a Blue Staffordshire and decided to take a dislike to Olivia while I had her out for a walk. The other dog bit Olivia and left a nasty wound on her nose. She bled profusely …

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Simon Or Is It Simone?

Today was pretty much run of the mill stuff. We got all the lesson materials laid out for the three little ones so when we returned from our errands we could get stuck in. We had to run to the pet shop first to get new water bottles for the bunnies. The rabbits have chewed …

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Bunny Bag

We have been particularly crafty this week.  The girls and I decided to make a couple little tote bags for the girls to carry their purses in when out to the shops.  As the children are mad about rabbits it seemed an obvious choice in fabric.  We made two of them, both very similar now …

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Sammy The Seagull

This seagull hurt his wing and fell off our garage roof! He survived and his wing was okay after a little rest in the box.