There Is Still Much To See

This poignant photo takes me back to last year where we travelled to The Cathedral Of St Mary, Girona, Spain. Our youngest baby, Sol who is pictured here was actually feeling very under the weather. She kept wanting to fall asleep each time we stopped to look at something yet she soldiered on and enjoyed …

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Butter and Boots

So much to share about my day. It’s a Saturday and I had planned on a lie in but other half was wide awake from early. He made us an early cup of tea and that meant we were up! He wanted to go to the gym, but I declined and stayed home while he …

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Tannaghmore Farm

Other half works everywhere with his job and as we are a home educating family we have opportunity to drop what we are doing and travel with him. The children had worked hard all week, they are doing mock papers for GCSEs and revision so it was okay to have a breather for the day. …

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Fork Handles

Four candles, not fork handles like that Two Ronnie sketch we all love. Go and look on YouTube if you are wondering what I am talking about. My husband was working in a town about 30 miles away and there’s a decent shopping centre near it so he offered to take us and drop us …

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Game Of Thrones

We spent a little while touring around the north of Northern Ireland. We came across some places where the Game Of Thrones was filmed. We took loads of photos, I won’t bore you with them but here’s a couple. Balintoy, which was stunning and certainly helped by the fact it was a glorious day. The …

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Weird And Wonderful

We had a decent day yesterday. We had planned on getting up extra early and heading off on a little road trip. Other half was working somewhere near this large shopping centre we like so it worked out perfectly for us. We went shopping while my husband worked – perfect.. After the shopping we all …

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Woodland Walk

Tuesday! Shirked off Monday and I woke up this morning feeling like I needed to get out of the house. Then I glanced at the sky and decided not too; it was dark and dreary. So I went about my business around the house, packed a couple of orders and basically just goofed about doing …

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Happy Birthday To The Queen

Happy Birthday to our long reigning queen, HM Queen Elizabeth the second. The queen has two birthdays, lucky her but today’s the day we celebrated her 90 years of life. Our village association planned a day of activities which was a huge picnic, happy birthday then lots of fun things to do. Of course it …

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Turbine Views

There’s a wind turbine near us, it’s located in some woodland.                   Posted with Blogsy