As Dutch Goes The Photo travels through Ireland with some trail shots I thought I’d pipe in with my own ‘Irish’ shots. Actually my photos are from Northern Ireland, they are all trails which I have enjoyed enough to take photographs while walking along enjoying nature. I am also adding that this post could be …

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FOTD 19th June

I would like to share this FOTD, everything seems to be blooming just now and the colours are splendid.

Cable Cars & A Castle

One of my trips in Turkey was to the city of Alanya, I fact I did actually visit a couple of times. Some info on Alanya as quoted on Wikipedia. Alanya is a beach resort city and a component district of Antalya Province on the southern coast of Turkey, in the country’s Mediterranean Region, 138 …

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What A Week It Has Been

I have to say I had intended on updating as the week wore on. What I had underestimated was how tired I would feel after my surgery. I had a surgery on Sunday last week, 9 days ago. Then due to a reaction of a drug I had taken I bled into my belly. I …

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Friday Findings

Friday, the last day of the ‘working week’; for some anyway. A mother, wife, housewife’s job does not have weekends off. I do not complain though as I enjoy my job, it just makes a good opening for a post. Last time I had updated we had been out for the day and Sol had …

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We Knew The Sun would Shine

We just knew the sun would shine today. It’s a bank holiday here in the U.K., not the same as Labor Day in the USA, but still a holiday nonetheless. I baked this morning, I already posted about that so go look for some delicious cupcakes on the previous post. I spent the rest of …

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