home education

home education

Realisation of Change

There comes a point in your life where something has happened to make you realise how things have changed. For us this very thing this month. The two middle children, in September, will no longer be home educated. They are both starting at the local college to begin their next level of education. This of …

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One Down One To Go

All these weeks of hard work have paid off. Hopefully, for my children, who have been studying very hard for weeks and weeks. They did their first exam today and both Toni and Seb came out of the exam feeling mildly confident. They’ve been studying physics for an International GCSE qualification. They have another paper …

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I Said I wouldn’t

It’s a horrible wet day, and I am cold. I had to go to the city and organise the two middle children’s GCSE physics exams. We use an independent exam centre as we are not registered with any school, it has always worked out well but the drive can be a bit of a chore …

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The Tale Of A Lunch Box

We home educate.   We home educate, but not because we don’t like school just for lots of reasons. The biggest reason was the fact the government came into our little seaside village and told all the kids at the local school they were closing it down. Our eldest son was at the school, at …

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