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Hedgehogs and Fruit

TODAY – well where do I start … this morning I was rudely awoken by the day break! Getting up I braved a lovely hot shower and a vitamin drink! After the couple small pleasures of the day it was time to tackle more laundry, putting away all the boys things and managing my own, …

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I am not talking about my immediate family i.e. husband and four children but other (so called) family members here. I had the wind taken from my sails last week – I found some nasty things written about me on an Internet blog. There is an old saying that goes something like “you can think …

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26th April 2008

Here she is Miss T – tooth no2 gone! Another 18 dramas to go. Less said the better . I want to write more on my week but the children are fighting over balloons right now *sigh*, I am going to pop them.

14th April 2008

I was speaking with a teacher today – not your every day teacher but a man who taught my husband at school who now runs a private tutoring place. Anyways – you would think being a private teacher he would be a bit more open minded about home education … He was a real go …

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13th January 2008

Not that I mind – advice that is. We home educate, and as a family we always have our ears open to new ideas and things.This little mini rant is about a friend, who shall remain nameless and has experienced the ups and downs of the difficult and long drawn out decision to home educate. …

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