Blue Lights

A new meaning to the blue lampshades, #julysquares, #blue. These are bottles cut up to look like lights. Blue light shades spotted in a well known furniture store.

Kammie’s Odd Ball(s) Challenge

I was holding this photo back for the longest time, now is the perfect time. Kammie’s Odd Ball Challenge. Is this an Oddball photograph? Maybe you think this guy has odd balls! I wonder why he looks so sad.

What Is A?

What is a tortoise’s favourite hobby? Terrapin bowling! Just for fun today, three tortoises for #julysquares #blue.

CFFC 5+ Items

It’s time …. for Five or More items for CFFC. It’s an interesting topic, yet surprisingly difficult to find that perfect photograph. I’ve a few fun photos. Five doorways into the MOT testing centre. More than five meaningful quotes on the wall, at the CS Lewis Museum. I wonder what a group of ‘babies’ are …

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The photo a day challenge by Sixty Sonnet is unusual. I was out exploring and I found an old visitors centre in a countryside location. They had an interesting choice of ornaments to adorn their centre, very unusual. Look closely, you will be mooved. I’m adding this one on to Kammie’s Odd Ball Photo Challenge …

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Friday Follies

I may have posted these before for Friday Follies. Are you hungry? Do you know which way the footpath is heading? Who do you love?

Moo-ve Over

I was slightly amused by the grumpy looking cows crammed into the car, not sure what they are saying though. If anyone can read Turkish, maybe you could post in 5e comments. This photo is for #julysquares. #blue

Happy Birthday To The Queen

Happy Birthday to our long reigning queen, HM Queen Elizabeth the second. The queen has two birthdays, lucky her but today’s the day we celebrated her 90 years of life. Our village association planned a day of activities which was a huge picnic, happy birthday then lots of fun things to do. Of course it …

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Snow Day

A couple of weeks ago we had snow.  I regretted so much that I didn’t get any photographs I actually wished for more snow.  You see, where we live the last time we had snow was two years ago, the time before that was ten years ago.  So when I missed the opportunity to take …

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