Double Photo Theme

I’m going to double up this one, maybe more. Firstly it’s CFFC for the number two or two things. In my case all two things. Secondly I will make it FOTD, just because a couple of the photographs qualify. First up two old boats that are currently resting in my garden. They are being moved …

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Birthday Cake #inthepink

Today’s instalment of September Squares is the pink birthday cake we gave to our daughter Sol. She turned 16 on Saturday, as we were travelling until Friday I didn’t have time to bake a cake so we bought a pink one with a tiara on top. This is the cake …. #inthepink

Alexa – Turn The Music Up

I have to say that being 47 isn’t so bad after all. I woke somewhere in the night to hear a clatter from the kitchen. Walter (my cat) had realised that someone had left a chicken bone hidden in the compost bin, that someone had placed also a heavy plate on top, but it didn’t …

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Frantic And Fudge

It’s Thursday, feels like Friday actually, but I think that’s because tomorrow is a holiday day and that in turn feels like a Saturday. Other half is working from home tomorrow also so I am really not sure what the next few days holds for us. Do you ever have one of those days where …

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Olive Oil Oat Bread

This one is a really basic recipe, it’s actually based on my regular white bread recipe with a few amendments. This makes a 2lb loaf, however I used a silicone loaf pan and it stretched out so I’m guessing you’d get away with baking this is a farmhouse 3lb tin and still have a lovely …

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Happy Birthday To The Queen

Happy Birthday to our long reigning queen, HM Queen Elizabeth the second. The queen has two birthdays, lucky her but today’s the day we celebrated her 90 years of life. Our village association planned a day of activities which was a huge picnic, happy birthday then lots of fun things to do. Of course it …

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Missing Cake

Seb’s birthday turned out good. Looking back on my blog all the recent posts have been about birthdays.  From July to October we have a birthday every three weeks, its a very busy time of year for us.  Other half kicks it off on the 19th July then there is no rest till all six …

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Caramel Cupcakes

I made 36 caramel cupcakes today.  Each caramel cupcake has caramel frosting with caramel sauce drizzled on the top.  I finished the cupcakes off with a Rolo for decoration.  I can’t wait to try them.