Pull Up A Seat Week 25

This is a funny little antique, baby rocker, chair which is in a little museum where I live In the background there’s also a little swan baby chair which is cute too, maybe not so old though. . I thought it was perfect for pull up a seat challenge, by xingfumama blog.

Realisation of Change

There comes a point in your life where something has happened to make you realise how things have changed. For us this very thing this month. The two middle children, in September, will no longer be home educated. They are both starting at the local college to begin their next level of education. This of …

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Slow Cooker Mint Oreo Fudge

A day can’t go by when there’s not some busyness in our house. The children are rehearsing like crazy for a pantomime they are in. They have a full dress rehearsal tonight and they are already exhausted with all their dancing. It’s good though, they are loving it and have done this several times before. …

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Tannaghmore Farm

Other half works everywhere with his job and as we are a home educating family we have opportunity to drop what we are doing and travel with him. The children had worked hard all week, they are doing mock papers for GCSEs and revision so it was okay to have a breather for the day. …

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The Tale Of A Lunch Box

We home educate.   We home educate, but not because we don’t like school just for lots of reasons. The biggest reason was the fact the government came into our little seaside village and told all the kids at the local school they were closing it down. Our eldest son was at the school, at …

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Round Up

The last couple of weeks have been a blur of going out every day for some reason or other. I’m not sure if I could recall it all and publish it here on my blog. Easter was interesting, we spent almost every day that week out soaking up the sun. We spent a day in …

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Where have I been?

Where have I been? I know, I know, it has been forever since I last updated the blog. I have ran out of excuses, there are none! I was just dead lazy and I got even lazier when I thought of all the other times I apologised at being lazy and reading other blogs where …

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Wallace & Gromit

Going to W5 the science museum is certainly not new for us, and as usual there’s always plenty of photographs. The children love it there but this time there was something special they wanted to see. Anyway the ‘ordinary’ photos first. Seb practising his boating skills. Sol making music with lights. What would you like …

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