CB&W Wheels

There comes a point when you have to admit to going overboard at the weekly challenges, CB&W. Wheels Fireworks galore at the London eye, sorry about the head in the way. Rusty old cart wheel. Fun wheels. Spooky wheel. Pretty wheel. Wheel’s up being towed. Mini wheel. Steering wheel in a car that you wish …

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Cee posted FOTD which was iris flowers. What is the plural of an Iris? If anyone knows the right answer, then please post below because it just doesn’t look right when I write the word down. My FOTD is a lily.

Can You Believe? #spikysquare

Can you believe March is almost over. We’ve just come home from the BBC studios for another politics show and now are settling in for the night. I realised I missed #spikysquare for March yesterday, but I have today’s. Here’s a sign which is very Spiky.